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Ahsan Zeb
Online Digital Marketing / Application Development / Technology Specialist
Mr. Ahsan Zeb specializes in creative content as well as design and develop apps and websites. He likes to focus on brand identity, designing, development of projects, graphic designing, front-end and WordPress developing. He is known for building a wide variety of large online web platforms and applications. In a nutshell, he loves to design and develop apps and websites.

Rimsha Khan
Freelancer / Journalist
Mrs. Rimsha Khan is a journalist that likes to provide news stories on what is hot and what is not. She is focused on reporting breaking news stories and global events. She likes to deliver her readers with quality content from the world wide markets, financial markets, entertainment and more. She specializes in covering top performing stocks and worse performing stocks to help report what is moving in today’s markets.

Nick Shan
Contributor / Writer
Mr. Nick Shan is dedicated to providing the markets with breaking stock market news as well as stocks that are on the move. He specializes on reporting current market conditions and active emerging stocks. He likes to focus on growth stocks, active stocks, stocks to watch and anything that how to do with big market movers. Nick likes to provide his readers with the top stock stories of the day. He helps to contribute undervalued growth stocks, stocks in the news, stocks in the spotlight and stocks with breaking news.