The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) has seen some recent movement in the market and its common shares closed at $19.21 yesterday. Traders are starting to take interest of WMB as the common shares traded as high as $19.55 and as low as $18.86 in the last market session.

The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) average trading volume is 18.24M. However, in the last market session The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) exchanged 10,573,910 shares. The first support level on WMB is $19.02 and the first resistance level on WMB is $23.95. WMB fifty day moving average is $15.84 and WMB two hundred day moving average is $20.23.

The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) most recent performance has been indicated by the recent movement in WMB common shares. WMB has performed 26.80% over the past 4 weeks, WMB has performed -10.40% over the past quarter and WMB has shown -29.09% over the past year. The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) has a 12 month range of $8.41 to $29.06. The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) is trading 128.42% from its 12 month low and -33.90% from its 12 month high. The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) is displaying a 1.96% short float displaying the amount short in the float.

WMB has 1.27B shares outstanding and 1.21B shares in the float. The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) presently has a market cap of $24.33B and income of $862.00M. The EPS next quarter for WMB is 0.26 and projected EPS net year is 5.78%. The market cap of The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) at $24.33B represents how many Traders own shares of WMB and is based off the last price ($19.21) of WMB and the amount of shares outstanding (1.27B) with The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB).

The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) has aggregate cash (mrq) of 400M, aggregate cash per share (mrq) of 0.33, aggregate debt of WMB rests at 22.48B and aggregate debt/equity (mrq) is 147.30. The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) operational cash flow (ttm) is 3.7B and WMB leveraged free cash flow (ttm) is 548.12M.

WMB is trading 6.92% above (bullish) its SMA20, 18.91% above (bullish) its SMA50 and -10.34% below (bearish) its SMA200.

Recent News:

In recent news, on May 7, 2020, it was announced, Williams Announces Agreement on Deepwater Gulf Project. In this news it stated, Williams (NYSE: WMB) announced today that it has reached an agreement with Chevron and its co-owner, Total E&P USA, Inc., to provide offshore natural gas transportation services to the Anchor development. Anchor is located 140 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico. Chevron plans to drill multiple wells and construct a floating production platform capable of handling the new rich natural gas and oil production from the Anchor development. Williams will leverage its existing footprint and system capabilities to transport Anchor’s natural gas production to the Discovery system, of which Williams is 60% owner and operator; DCP is 40% owner. The new rich natural gas will be transported to Discovery’s processing plant in Larose, Louisiana, and the natural gas liquids will be fractionated and marketed at Discovery’s Paradis plant in Louisiana.

About The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB):

Founded in 1908, Oklahoma-based The Williams Companies, Inc. is a premier energy infrastructure provider in North America. The company’s core operations include finding, producing, gathering, processing, and transportation of natural gas and natural gas liquids.